Elastomer Absorption Technology for Leak Detection

Elastomer Absorption Technology for Leak Detection

Elastomer Absorption Technology is a specialized method used in hydrocarbon leak detection cables to identify and locate hydrocarbon leaks, such as those from oil, gasoline, diesel, or other similar substances. This technology employs the unique properties of elastomeric materials, which are polymer-based materials with high elasticity and can return to their original shape after deformation.

In the context of hydrocarbon leak detection cables, Elastomer Absorption technology functions as follows:

  1. Cable construction: The leak detection cable consists of a core sensing element of a hydrocarbon-sensitive elastomeric material surrounded by an external protective sheath. The sheath is usually made of a chemical-resistant material, allowing it to withstand harsh environmental conditions and protect the internal sensing element from damage.
  2. Absorption and swelling: When the elastomeric sensing element comes into contact with hydrocarbons, it absorbs them, causing the elastomer to swell. This swelling is a vital characteristic of the elastomeric material used in the cable, and this property enables the detection of hydrocarbon leaks.
  3. Signal generation: In most applications, the leak detection cable includes an alarm and monitoring system. Due to hydrocarbon absorption, the system can detect and monitor the change in the elastomer's physical properties, such as its volume or capacitance. When the cable senses a leak, it generates a signal. It sends it to the monitoring system, which then triggers an alarm, alerting the operator to the presence of a hydrocarbon leak.
  4. Leak localization: Advanced leak detection cables with Elastomer Absorption technology can provide accurate information about the leak's location. These cables include multiple sensing zones along their length, allowing the monitoring system to identify the specific zone where the leak occurs. By pinpointing the exact location of the leak, operators can take quick and effective action to address the issue.

Elastomer Absorption Technology is a critical component of hydrocarbon leak detection cables, leveraging the unique properties of elastomeric materials to absorb hydrocarbons and trigger alarms in case of a leak. This technology allows for rapid detection and localization of hydrocarbon leaks, minimizing their associated risks and enabling operators to address them promptly.

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