Factory Tested, Calibrated, Addressable Leak Detection Systems for Hydrocarbons and Oil Distillates

Addressable Leak Detection Systems for Hydrocarbons and Oil Distillates

Naftosense provides digital, addressable leak detection systems that are factory tested, calibrated, and certified to continuously monitor and display the presence of various hydrocarbons and oil distillates. When any sensor contacts the target liquid (hydrocarbons or oil distillates), it will cause an audible and visual alarm, activate an output relay, and notify the user via remote monitoring. Once detected, the system will also continue monitoring other sensors. Upon detection, the system can shut down equipment and automatically activate ventilation systems. 

Naftosense oil leak detection systems can withstand cable damage or removal of single or multiple sensors without losing the functionality of the remaining active sensors. Naftosense systems will detect and identify as many leaks as the number of installed sensors. In the case of numerous leaks of the target liquid, Naftosense alarm modules continue monitoring all sensors. Naftosense leak detection systems sound additional alarms if liquid spreads or migrates beyond the initial alarming sensor or, in case of a second leak, on another sensor at any location along a sensing system circuit. Finally, if a Naftosense cable breaks, the system will continuously monitor for electrical continuity. A loss of continuity will trigger an audible and visual alarm and a change in the status of a relay. The Naftosense sensing system also identifies the section of the sensing cable where the continuity is lost.

Elastomer Absorption Sensing Cables for Hydrocarbon Leak Detection

Elastomer Absorption Sensing Cables for Hydrocarbon Leak Detection

Hydrocarbon leaks threaten the environment and are a concern for public health. Leaks are a significant concern for many industries, such as tank farms, diesel generator installations, fueling depots, and pipelines, as well as organizations such as oil companies and the military.

Polymer Absorption Sensors or Elastomer Absorption Sensors are sensors that can sense oil and gas leaks. These sensors work because the polymers are sensitive to oil and gas molecules. Elastomer Absorption Sensors detect hydrocarbons and other organic compounds at levels that are otherwise undetectable by other means. This type of sensor utilizes a polymer matrix to detect hydrocarbons on the molecular level without requiring complex equipment or precision instruments, such as acoustic sensors or infrared thermography. It is more sensitive than many existing leak detection sensors. Finally, they provide a non-invasive installation and are a relatively inexpensive detection method.  

Sensing cables based on elastomer absorption technology are composed of semi-permeable internal conductors shielded by permeable insulation. Escaping hydrocarbon fluids contact the inner semi-permeable elastomer jacket, altering the cable's electrical characteristics and providing a reliable and repeatable signal read by the microprocessor. Along the length of the detection cable, the microprocessor can pinpoint the leak location to within one meter and send relevant information to monitoring systems or operators. The Elastomer Absorption Sensor leak detection cable is wrapped around pipelines, buried underground inside channels, or put in a pipe-in-pipe configuration.

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Naftosense - The Trusted Source in Hydrocarbon Leak Detection

Hydrocarbon Leak Detection

Naftosense designs and manufactures hydrocarbon leak detection systems based on addressable products which detect the presence of hydrocarbons such as refined fuel, light / heavy crude oils, lubricants, dielectric oils, solvents, and petrochemical compounds.

Why Naftosense is Ideal for Your Application

Naftosense Leak Detection systems are susceptible to hydrocarbon liquids and gasses. Some customers have baseline contamination in their facilities that cause other leak detection systems to alarm in “normal” operation. Others have problems during periods of excessive rainfall where hydrocarbons are released from the soil, triggering a false alarm. Naftosense solves ALL micro¬exposure alarm issues by allowing real-time volume reporting and field adjustability of the sensor to calibrate for existing conditions.

In addition, the Acquisition Module will report progressive leak alarms as the volume of the leak increases. Sensors are rugged and built to be immersed in a leak environment and still indicate “increasing leak volume” until the sensor becomes completely saturated at full alarm. After remediation, Naftosense sensors can be re-set and re-installed. Only when the sensor is entirely saturated will you need to use our simple cleaning technique involving common household chemicals. Naftosense sensors are reusable with confidence for ten years or more!

Naftosense - Simple, Configurable, Outputs with Your Network

Communication from the Naftosense system to your PLC, CMS, DCS, and SCADA is simple. You utilize your existing network with your favorite wireless or hard-wired transmitter to easily communicate leak volume and location quickly and efficiently. The absence of complicated 3rd party panels and proprietary communication protocol allows a seamless, inexpensive installation with standard equipment as the backbone of your new leak detection system.

Naftosense - Customer Experience

Naftosense supports customers through knowledgeable and dedicated sales and support staff that can assist in selecting the proper leak detection system and matching ideal solutions with existing communications requirements. In addition, we maintain an extensive supply of product inventory on hand to quickly fulfill orders and reduce lead times. Our sales and support staff are readily available and accessible, so customers rapidly get the support they need.

Naftosense - Commitment to Quality

At Naftosense, quality means performance. Each product passes tests multiple times before getting a Naftosense label. With Production processes that strive for continuous improvement and exhaustive performance testing, we are confident that our products meet and exceed all applicable standards before they ever leave our facility. Naftosense puts a 10-year factory warranty on all products to prove our commitment to the highest installation standards.

How Naftosense Leak Detection Cables and Sensors Work

Naftosense operation

Naftosense leak detection technology uses Polymer Absorption Sensor (PAS) technology. PAS technology was developed in the 1950s and had a proven track record of detecting hydrocarbons in extreme conditions and enables real-time, cost-effective critical infrastructure integrity monitoring. Naftosense can dictate leak volume and decipher old and new material in coordination without patented controller technology.


Naftosense leak detection systems are tested to the most stringent industry standards to ensure maximum reliability and performance for our customers.

Life Expectancy 

Our extensive scientific testing and field history proves that Naftosense leak detection cables will perform for many decades when properly installed and maintained. An industry-leading ten-year warranty is standard with all products sold.


  • Intrinsically safe - Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C and D, Class I, Zone 0, AEx ia 11C
  • Atex: Intrinsically safe - Il 1 G, Ex ia 11C GbT4
  • lECEx: Intrinsically safe - Ex ia IIC GbT4
  • Tested by FM Approvals for compliance as per FM Class 3610

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Naftosense Catalog

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Naftosense designs and manufactures hydrocarbon leak detection systems based on addressable products which detect the presence of hydrocarbons such as refined fuel, light / heavy crude oils, lubricants, dielectric oils, solvents, and petrochemical compounds.

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