The Naftosense FLD-TSP7 Control Panel

FLD-TSP7 Touchscreen Control Panel

FLD-TSP7 is a high-performance 7-inch touchscreen controller designed for powering and interfacing with Naftosense brand of monitoring modules. These modules base communications on Naftosense long-range ERBUS proprietary bus. The controller provides an IP54/NEMA 3S water-resistant wall-mounted enclosure for installation in control rooms and other remote locations where dripping water might be potentially present.

The primary use of FLD-TSP7 is to monitor up to three zones with long lines of leak detection for hydrocarbons, alcohols, solvents, or conductive liquids of up to 9800ft (3000 m) each. Each zone on the FLD-TSP7 can power and communicate with up to 25 Naftosense monitoring modules. The communication protocol permits robust and reliable operation even in case of partial failure of the circuit of monitoring modules. Each monitoring module can connect several independent sensors and provide the true multi-leak capability.

FLD-TSP7 provides power and multiplexed communications through the Naftosense ERBUS proprietary bus resulting in an efficient communication infrastructure. The FLD-TSP7's high-level interfacing to DCS/SCADA implements through the RS-485 serial output with Modbus RTU or dry contacts. With options for up to 9 SPDT relays, alarms, and readily configured communications, the FLD-TSP7 is fast and easy to set up.

The maximum distance covered with this wired layout (accumulated sensor and jumper cables) is more than 2.3 miles (3.2 km). The optional loopback wiring increases the system reliability in case of cable breaks and shorts. The intuitive password-protected user interface on the touch panel provides flexible configuration and adjustable alarm threshold.

Features and Benefits of the FLD-TSP7

  • Extremely long range of leak detection circuit monitoring
  • Easy T-branching – no special devices/components needed
  • Adjustable alarm threshold
  • Very wide operating temperatures range
  • Able to interface with sensor modules for various types of liquids as water, acids, bases, hydrocarbons, alcohols, ketones, etc.
  • 10-year warranty

Typical Applications for the FLD-TSP7

  • Pipe sections in remote facilities
  • Detection of viscous hydrocarbons in substations, pumping stations, etc.
  • Detection of leaking fuel from airport hydrant systems, military, and custody transfer installations in harsh outdoor, demanding environmental conditions
  • Leak detection in data centers and commercial buildings
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