Naftosense Leak Detection Technology

Polymer Absorption Sensor (PAS) technology is at the heart of Naftosense products (specifically in Naftosense products, Elastomer Absorption Sensors). PAS technology, developed in the 1950s, has a track record of detecting hydrocarbons in extreme conditions and enables real-time, cost-effective critical infrastructure integrity monitoring. We advance this core technology by incorporating innovative acquisition modules, providing limitless options for progressive leak alarms.

Naftosense is one of North America's only leak detection manufacturers willing to customize and configure the ideal solution for each customer. Our innovative, adaptable core technology enables us to accomplish the seemingly impossible while maintaining critical agency approvals. Naftosense can handle any application, no matter how small or large.

Naftosense has the real-world experience to make sense of complex applications by offering an industry-approved, fully functional, long-term leak detection system with data communications and location-based alarms, all backed by a 10-year warranty.

Key Features:
  • Custom leak detection systems for outdoor environments, hazardous areas, and remote off-line locations
  • Zero false alarms–Will not react to water
  • High sensitivity, detect heavy oils at low temperatures
  • Reduced maintenance–Self-calibrating
  • Battery powered options for off-the-grid applications
  • 10–year factory warranty
  • Can report leak volume as the small leak gets larger
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