Factory Tested, Calibrated, Addressable Leak Detection Systems for Hydrocarbons and Oil Distillates

Addressable Leak Detection Systems for Hydrocarbons and Oil Distillates

Naftosense provides digital, addressable leak detection systems that are factory tested, calibrated, and certified to continuously monitor and display the presence of various hydrocarbons and oil distillates. When any sensor contacts the target liquid (hydrocarbons or oil distillates), it will cause an audible and visual alarm, activate an output relay, and notify the user via remote monitoring. Once detected, the system will also continue monitoring other sensors. Upon detection, the system can shut down equipment and automatically activate ventilation systems. 

Naftosense oil leak detection systems can withstand cable damage or removal of single or multiple sensors without losing the functionality of the remaining active sensors. Naftosense systems will detect and identify as many leaks as the number of installed sensors. In the case of numerous leaks of the target liquid, Naftosense alarm modules continue monitoring all sensors. Naftosense leak detection systems sound additional alarms if liquid spreads or migrates beyond the initial alarming sensor or, in case of a second leak, on another sensor at any location along a sensing system circuit. Finally, if a Naftosense cable breaks, the system will continuously monitor for electrical continuity. A loss of continuity will trigger an audible and visual alarm and a change in the status of a relay. The Naftosense sensing system also identifies the section of the sensing cable where the continuity is lost.