Emergency Diesel Generator Fuel Leak Detection

Emergency Diesel Generator Fuel Leak Detection

Emergency generators are often the final line of defense for many facilities when a utility failure or a catastrophic incident occurs. Undetected diesel oil leaking on generators can be exceedingly harmful, with potentially profound effects, especially in data centers, health care facilities, airports, or military facilities. 

Diesel oil leak detection by Naftosense protects diesel generators and the diesel systems that support them, such as storage tanks and diesel distribution pipelines. The leak detection system includes addressable sensing cables, point sensors, and digital leak monitoring panels. 

Once a leak is discovered anywhere along the sensor cable, the digital leak monitoring panels will offer information on the precise position of the leak. The monitoring panel also provides information on the persistence of the leak and the magnitude of the leak. The sensor cable only responds when it comes into contact with hydrocarbons, making it perfect for detecting diesel fuel. 

By installing a hydrocarbon sensing sensor cable in the floor space surrounding the generators and fuel tanks, you can create a system that detects fuel considerably more quickly than any other conventional way. Apart from rapid detection, this technique enables the owner to immediately determine if a leak is a minor nuisance impacting only a few inches of the sensor wire or a significant leak affecting a broad section of the sensor cable. This degree of detail can be incredibly beneficial when the equipment is in a remote location. Upon discovering a leak, immediately action may be taken. Depending on the installation, you may opt to shut down the problem engine, stop the associated fuel pumps, or notify the facility's manager of the condition.

The following are some of the benefits of Naftosense Diesel Leak Detection Systems
  • Water and pollutants do not affect the accuracy of the detection. 
  • Leaks can be detected early and accurately. 
  • Small, medium, and large area monitoring. 
  • The unique address of each sensor cable allows for individual identification of multiple leaks. 
  • Can be deployed in explosive environments. 
  • Installation and expansion are simple, and maintenance is simple.
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