Don't Risk Undetected Hydrocarbon Leaks

Don't Risk Undetected Hydrocarbon Leaks

Leaks of hydrocarbons are a severe problem. The environment and your business are protected when leaks in tank farms, airfields, pipelines, refueling ports, and refineries get discovered early. The key is early identification and pinpointing the leak's source. 

The Naftosense Leak Detection System provides you with the following benefits: 

  • Sensor cables and probes can directly detect and localize the source of a petroleum leak, allowing you to respond quickly before the spill causes harm. 
  • Fluid leak detection systems for pipelines, tanks, harbors, airports, pumps, and valves that are reliable and accurate. 
  • Leak detection and location information are far more advanced than that of a standard SCADA system. 
  • Optional configurations that turn off pumps or valves while not in use. 
  • Simple or sophisticated systems can be designed for present demands while also allowing future growth thanks to modular and scalable units. 
  • Local, networked remote alarms and diagnostics, building management system integration, email and SMS notices available.

Naftosense can provide a bespoke leak detection system tailored to your demands, whether your issue is heavy crude oils, lubricants, dielectric oils, solvents, petrochemical compounds, gasoline, jet fuel, diesel, or biofuels. You can detect and locate the source of a leak with the Naftosense leak detection system, allowing you to take decisive action long before the spill gets out of hand. Don't jeopardize your employees' safety, the environment, or your company's reputation on a runaway leak.

Typical Areas Requiring Naftosense Technology:

  • Tank farms
  • Civilian airfields
  • Military airfields
  • Pipelines
  • Re-fuelling & bunker depots
  • Refineries
  • Harbors

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